SLA Architects’ ski park atop BIG’s Copenhagen power plant to open this year

With BIG’s Amager Bakke Waste-To-Energy Plant due to open in Copenhagen later this year, this movie in our Dezeen x MINI Living series explores how its year-round rooftop ski slope designed by SLA Architects was conceived.

Bjarke Ingels’ firm BIG is behind the new power plant, which is already in operation in the Danish capital. The firm asked SLA Architects to design the large park that will cover the roof, featuring hiking trails, climbing walls, viewpoints and a 600-metre-long ski slope.

While the huge wedge-shaped facility generates power by incinerating waste, the park atop its roof will provide a lush green space that is open to the public.

Visitors will even be encouraged to add new plants and trees, using seed bombs.

Image courtesy of SLA Architects

Amager Bakke stands in an industrial zone near the city centre. SLA claims that the park will bring biodiversity to the area, as the vegetation planned for the roof will attract birds, bees, butterflies and insects that will disperse seeds and spread pollen around the surrounding district.

The park is still under construction, slated for completion in September 2018.

Photo by Søren Aagaard

BIG first unveiled its design for the building back in 2011. As well as the rooftop park, it was also designed with a huge chimney that blows a smoke ring for every ton of CO2 burned in the plant, to remind Copenhageners of their carbon footprint.

This movie is part of Dezeen x MINI Living Initiative, a year-long collaboration with MINI exploring how architecture and design can contribute to a brighter urban future through a series of videos and talks.

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(Source : Dezeen)