Declaration of Vietnam green architecture

The earth is our common home.

Through its intelligence and creative talent, the human has built up the civilization of the mankind, but it’s the human who also has made impacts affecting its living environment. Global climate change has become a risk and danger to the current and future generations.

Viet Nam is one of the countries facing at the most challenges of the living environment degradation due to climate change on earth.

Over the past half century, we have been sharing with the whole mankind the cause of “Sustainable Development”. In response to the Declaration “Our Future” of 1987 and “Agenda 21” of 1992, the State has promulgated Sustainable Development Orientation of Viet Nam; Architecture Development Orientation; Urban Development Orientation of Viet Nam towards Modernity, Rich Identity and Sustainability.

Architecture is a profession of art in creating living spaces for human, closely linked with life for the happiness of people and the cause of social economic development of the country.

By spirit of Viet Nam Architecture Day – 27 April, for realizing the teaching words of President Ho Chi Minh in the Letter to the architect circle of Viet Nam in 1948, the Viet Nam Association of Architects calls upon members, architects, engineers, architecture — urban planning practicing organizations, construction investors, management agencies at all levels and communities together with the architect circle to strive for the cause of Green Architecture development in Viet Nam.

The Viet Nam Association of Architects is committed to take the lead and in collaboration with the whole society to conduct the following:

  1. Public education, propagation, awareness building on Green Architecture.
  2. Study, building and dissemination of Green Architecture criteria appropriate to Viet Nam’s conditions, promotion of application in architectural design, urban planning, construction, production of building materials and appropriate technology development.
  3. Training, retraining on knowledge of Green Architecture for architects and communities.
  4. Social critical comment consultancy based on Green Architecture principles.
  5. Honoring organizations, individuals for having Green Architecture concepts, solutions and works.

Green Architecture is the route for creating a sustainable living environment for human. This is the development orientation of Viet Nam’s architecture for today’s happy life, not compromising the future life and for sustainable development of the country.

Architects, united for Green Architecture of Viet Nam!


 Ha Noi, 27 April 2011
Viet Nam Association of Architects