Last september, the first-ever International Bamboo Architecture Biennale was held in the peaceful village of Baoxi in China’s Zhejiang province. Curated by local artist Ge Qiantao and architect George Kunihiro, the event saw the construction of 18 bamboo-centered structures designed by 12 architects, including notable names such as Kengo Kuma, Vo Trong Nghia, Anna Herringer, Li Xiaodong and Simon Velez. Aimed at exploring the potential of the sustainable material within contemporary architecture, the structures were built as permanent fixtures that will continue to serve the town after the Biennale’s close.

The 2016 International Bamboo Architecture Biennale included:

  • Bridge / Ge Quantao (China)
  • Ceramic Workshop
 (existing) / George Kunihiro (USA)
  • Bamboo Product Research and Design Center / Li Xiaodong (China)
  • Boutique Hotel / Simon Velez (Colombia)
  • Youth Hostel / 
Anna Heringer (Germany)
  • Contemporary Celadon Ceramic Museum / Kengo Kuma (Japan)
  • Professional Ceramicist Workshop / 
Keisuke Maeda (Japan)
  • Experimental Eco-efficient House / 
Mauricio Cardenas Laverde (Italy/Colombia)
  • Bamboo Restaurant
 / Suk-hee Chun and Young-chul Jang (South Korea)
  • Public Ceramic Workshop
 / Madhura Primatilleke (Sri Lanka)
  • Welcome Center / Vo Trong Nghia (Vietnam)
  • Art Hotel / Yang Xu (China)

Some other photos:

By Patrick Lynch/Archdaily